Our Newspaper

Ibiza Optimista

In 2011 we created IBIZA OPTIMISTA as a newspaper which specialized in printing Good News. It was the only newspaper on Ibiza published in both Spanish and English, and perhaps the only Good News newspaper in all of Spain. In 2020 IBIZA OPTIMISTA stopped being printed as a separate newspaper and was incorporated as part of IBICASA magazine. It is published every two months, and is available gratis on numerous stands located throughout the island.

Our motivation is to counteract the mass media which publishes predominantly negative news that leaves readers feeling fearful and despondent. We see the world in a different light, and choose to celebrate all of the good that is happening. We are proud to be part of a worldwide movement that is bringing to light all of the progress that is being made to solve the challenges that we face. Our goal is to replace the fear and pessimism of the mainstream media with the joy and optimism of the good news that is happening every day.

All of our OPTIMISTA articles (past and present) can be found on our website: www.IbizaOptimista.com (which in turn is linked to www.IbizaInspiration.com).

The IBIZA FORMENTERA APP is our phone and tablet app, and along with our webpage, www.IbizaFormenteraTheGuide.com, they bring together all of our publications: IBICASA magazine, Isla Blanca Ibiza Guide, Ibiza La Guía and Formentera La Guía. Combined they give us the most comprehensive app and website on Ibiza and Formentera offering real estate companies, restaurants, services for the home, building, fashion, jewellery, health & wellness, hotels and much more.